What if I have a question? Is there someone who can assist me with any questions?

Of course. Wholly app is located in the US and have customer service associates available by calling 843.242.3100.

Will the app be on iTunes and Google play store?

Yes, it’s also available for Kindle as well

How long does it take to get the app designed?

When you fill out the www.whollyapp.com/form, you will be contacted by a Whollyapp associate for app developing timelines.

How will I send push notifications?

Simple. You will click on www.whollyapp.com/controlpanel and login with your unique credentials. From there you can send notifications, view you app, and also check where it’s being downloaded.

What if I want to change my app?

Click www.whollyapp.com/form and resubmit the changes to us.

What Makes Whollyapp better then the competitors?

We are fast, affordable and reliable.

Is there a referral program?

YES! The best compliment a company can get is a referral! If you refer someone to Whollyapp (and they sign up) we will pay $100!

How do I sign up?

Simple click on the following link and you will start the enrollment process. Or simply click here www.whollyapp.com/form

Can I accept payments on my app?

Of course! By linking a merchant account to your app not only can you accept payments on the app, you can also accept payments anywhere with our merchant facing app. (card reader required)

How does the money get into my account?

We will gather the required information to activate a merchant account. One of the items is a voided check or checking account you wish to have funds deposited.

Can I take all types of credit cards?

YES! Whollyapp works with Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. We can even take prepaid cards as long as it has one of the mentioned logos on it!

What are your rates and fees?

Whollyapp fee structure is simple. 2.25% on any card swiped and 3.0% +.15 (.50% less then Square) on anything keyed.

How long does it take to get my money?

Standard processing times are 48 hours. So when you “batch or settle” the money is in your account in 48 hours (bearing any verification).

Will Whollyapp distribute any of my information?

No, not unless you’d like us to with our blasts and notifications features? ;-) However, personal information will NEVER be shared.

Why should I get an app built?

Starting and owning a business has many challenges. One of which is advertising. A mobile app not only allows people to find you, it allows you to stay connected with your customers as well. How many mobile apps do you have on your phone? Do you use them? These are the questions that are being answered the same a millions of others. Providing your business with a mobile app will be one of the best advertisements that you can have!